Psalm 82:1-8

(A psalm of Asaph’s.) 82  God stands in the divine convention,pronounces judgment in the midst of gods. 2  “How long will you judge unfairly,show favor to wrong-doers? (Selah) 3  Give judgment for poor man and orphan;allow a downtrodden and impoverished man to be in the right. 4  Preserve a poor and needy man;deliver him from wrong-doers’ hands. 5  They do not know; they do not perceive;they walk in the dark;all earth’s foundations give way. 6  I thought you were gods,and sons of the Most High all of you; 7  But you shall die like human beings,fall like any grandees.” 8  Rise, God; judge the earth;for you are liege lord over all the nations.