Psalm 14:1-7

(Of the Director; of David’s.) 14  A rascal has said to himself“There is no God.”They behave viciously, abominably;there is nobody that does what is good. 2  Jehovah looked from the heavens upon mankindto see if there was a canny man,one that looked to God: 3  The whole lot had drawn off together, had degenerated,there was nobody that did what was good, not a single one. 4  Do all who perpetrate villainy not know?those who eat up my people eat bread, never call on Jehovah,— 5  There they are seized with terror,because God breaks up an ungodly man’s plan; 6  You shall put them to shame,because Jehovah has repudiated them. 7  O for Israel’s salvation coming from Sion!When Jehovah comes back to his peopleJacob will jubilate, Israel make merry.