Psalm 92:1-15

(A psalm; a sabbath-day song.) 92  It is good to give thanks to Jehovahand make music to your name, Most High, 2  To tell your friendship in the morningand your faithfulness in the nights 3  With ten-string and with harp,with harmony on a lyre, 4  Because you have gladdened me, Jehovah, by what you have done; over the works of your hands I carol. 5  How great are your works, Jehovah!very deep are your thoughts. 6  A stupid man will not know,nor a fool see into this: 7  When wrong-doers burgeon like weedsand all villains bloomIt is so that they may be rooted out once for all; 8  but you are enthroned aloft forever, Jehovah. 9  For there do your enemies, Jehovah,there do your enemies perish;all villains are splintered apart; 10  And you have given me a high horn like a ure’s,have bedewed me with fresh oil, 11  And caused my eyes to look on at the fate of my ill-wishers,my ears to hear of the fate of those who stood up against me. 12  A right-doer will bud like a palm tree,grow tall like a cedar on the Lebanon; 13  Set out at Jehovah’s house,they will grow full of branches in the courts of our God, 14  Will be still fruitful in old age,will be lush and verdant, 15  Announcing that straightforward is Jehovah,my Rock, and there is no cheating about him.