Psalm 149:1-9

149  Praise Jehovah!Sing a new song for Jehovah,his praise in an assembly of men of friendship! 2  Let Israel be glad for his Maker,Sion’s sons jubilate for their King. 3  Let them praise his name with dancing,make music for him with tambourine and lyre, 4  Because Jehovah is looking graciously on his people,will make humble men magnificent in victory. 5  Let men of friendship exult in triumph,carol on their beds, 6  Acclamations to Deity in their throatsand two-edged swords in their hands 7  To wreak revenge on the nations,punishment on many a folk, 8  Putting their kings in fetters,their aristocrats in iron shackles, 9  Executing on them prescribed justice;it is a glittering privilege for all the men of his friendship.Praise Jehovah!