Psalm 9:1-20

(Of the Director; falsetto voices. Of Ben’s. A psalm of David’s.) 9  I will give thanks to Jehovah with all my heart;I will tell the story of all your wonders; 2  I will be glad and exult in you,I will sing psalms to your name, Most High, 3  For my enemies’ turning to go backward,stumbling and perishing before you; 4  For you have given me justice and my rights,you sit enthroned as a fair judge. 5  You rebuke nations, you destroy a wrong-doer,you blot out their name forever and evermore. 6  The enemy are all gone, perpetual wastes,and cities you have uprooted; their memory has perished, 7  But Jehovah will stand fast forever,he has planted his throne for judgment, 8  And he will judge the world honestly,give fair verdicts for many a folk, 9  So that Jehovah may be a fastness for the downtrodden man,a fastness for hard times, 10  And those who know your name may have confidence in you, because you have never abandoned those who resort to you. 11  Sing psalms to Jehovah, him who is seated on Sion;tell among the peoples his deeds; 12  For a prosecutor of bloodshed remembers them;he never forgets the crying of unhappy men. 13  Be gracious to me, Jehovah; see my unhappy state because of those who hate me,you who uplift me from the gates of death, 14  So that I may tell all the story of your praises,exult in your salvation at the gates of the daughter of Sion. 15  Nations have sunk in a pitfall they had made;in a net that they hid their own feet are caught. 16  Jehovah has won recognition, has done justice;a wrong-doer is snared in the work of his own hands.(Higgaion. Selah) 17  Wrong-doers shall go back to the world below;all nations are forgetful of God. 18  For a needy man will not be perpetually forgotten,humble men’s hopes will not be lost forevermore. 19  Up, Jehovah; let man not be high and mighty;let nations bring their causes before you for judgment. 20  Put them in fear, Jehovah;let nations know they are human beings. (Selah)