Psalm 119:1-176

119  Happy are men of conscientious course,those who go by Jehovah’s instructions. 2  Happy those who keep his lessons,wholeheartedly resort to him. 3  Neither do they commit knavery;they go by his courses. 4  It was you ordained your mandates,well to be observed. 5  Would that my courses were steadyin observing your precepts! 6  I shall be then unashamedwhen I look toward all your commandments. 7  I will give you thanks with straightforward heartwhen I learn your righteous laws. 8  Your precepts I observe;do not totally leave me. 9  By what is a young man to keep his path clean?Watching it on the basis of your word. 10  Wholeheartedly I resort to you;let me take no wrong step away from your commandments. 11  In my heart I have buried your behest,so that I might not sin against you. 12  Blessed are you, Jehovah;teach me your precepts. 13  With my lips I tell the storyof all the laws your mouth has given out. 14  In the course your lips teach I rejoiceas much as over any affluence. 15  In your mandates I study,and eye your paths. 16  In your precepts I take my pleasure,will not forget your word. 17  Do your servant a good turn;let me live and observe your word. 18  Unblind my eyes and let me lookat mysteries out of your instructions. 19  A visitor on earth am I;do not veil your commandments from me. 20  My soul wears away with wishingtoward your laws at every time. 21  You rebuke presumptuous men;cursed are those who err from your commandments. 22  Roll off from me ignominy and contempt,because I keep your lessons. 23  If even chieftains sat talking together against meyour servant would study in your precepts. 24  Your lessons are withalmy pleasure, my advisers. 25  Flat on the ground lies my soul;give me life in accordance with your word. 26  I told my story and you answered me;teach me your precepts. 27  Give me insight into the course your mandates prescribe;that I may study your mysteries. 28  My soul is dissolved in woe;set me on my feet in accordance with your word. 29  Turn away from me the course of falsehoodand favor me with your instructions. 30  I choose the course of faithfulness,I crave your laws. 31  I have adhered to your lessons;Jehovah, do not disappoint me. 32  I will run the road of your commandmentsbecause you have set my heart at ease. 33  Instruct me, Jehovah, in the course your precepts direct,and I will keep it to the last. 34  Give me insight and I will keep your instructionsand observe them wholeheartedly. 35  Direct me along the path of your commandments;for that is what I like. 36  Bend my heart toward your lessonsand not toward pelf. 37  Lead my eyes to go past sights of frivolity;give me life by your word. 38  Make good to your servantyour promise for the fear of you. 39  Drive off my ignominy of which I stand in fear,because your laws are good. 40  Here have I been wishing your mandates;give me life in your fairness, 41  And let your acts of friendship come to me, Jehovah,your salvation in accordance with your promise, 42  And let me give an answer to him who taunts me;for I am confident in your word; 43  And do not utterly cut off out of my mouth the word of truth, because I have been waiting for your laws, 44  And I will observe your instructions always,forever and evermore, 45  And walk a roomy roadbecause I have betaken myself to your mandates; 46  And I will talk of your lessons in the presence of kingsand never be ashamed, 47  And take my pleasure in your commandmentswhich I love, 48  And raise my hands to your commandments, which I love,and study your precepts. 49  Remember for your servant your word,forasmuch as you are letting me wait. 50  This is my comfort in my misfortune,that your promise gives me life. 51  Presumptuous men have been very cynical to me—I did not swerve from your instructions; 52  I remembered your judgments since olden times,Jehovah, and took comfort. 53  I am seized with fever at wrong-doerswho forsake your instructions. 54  Your precepts have been music to mein the house where I am on my visit. 55  I have remembered your name in the night, Jehovah,and observed your instructions. 56  This has been mine,that I have kept your mandates. 57  My portion is Jehovah;I resolve to keep your word. 58  I entreat you, Jehovah, with all my heart,be gracious to me according to your promise. 59  I thought over my coursesand turned my feet back to your lessons. 60  I hastened and did not delayto observe your commandments. 61  Wrong-doers’ cords swing around me,I do not forget your instructions. 62  At midnight I stand up to give you thanksfor your righteous judgments. 63  I am comrade of all who fear you,observing your mandates. 64  The earth is full of your friendliness, Jehovah;teach me your precepts. 65  You have done kindly by your servant,Jehovah, in accordance with your word. 66  Teach me good sense and knowledge,because I believe in your commandments. 67  Before I had my misfortunes I went wrong;but now I observe your behest. 68  You are good and do the good;teach me your precepts. 69  Presumptuous men have smeared lies over me;I keep your mandates with all my heart. 70  Their hearts are fatty as tallow;I take my pleasure in your instructions. 71  It was good for me that I had my misfortunes,in order that I might learn your precepts. 72  The instructions of your mouth are a better thing for methan thousands in gold and silver. 73  Your hands made me and organized me;give me intelligence and I will learn your commandments. 74  Those who fear you see me and are glad,because I wait for your word. 75  I know, Jehovah, that your judgments are rightand it was in faithfulness you sent me misfortune; 76  Let your friendship come to comfort mein accordance with your promise to your servant; 77  Let your tenderness come in, that I may get well,because your instructions are my pleasure. 78  Let presumptuous men be ashamed that they have circumvented me with falsehood;I will study your mandates. 79  Those who fear you shall come back to me,and those who know your lessons. 80  Be my heart faultless by your precepts,so that I may not be put to shame. 81  My soul is spent with looking for your salvation;I wait for your word. 82  My eyes are spent with looking for your promise,thinking “How soon will you comfort me?” 83  Though I have become like a wineskin in a cloud of smoke,I have not forgotten your precepts. 84  How long is your servant’s time?how soon will you execute judgment on my persecutors? 85  Presumptuous men have dug pitfalls for me,men who do not conform to your instructions. 86  All your commandments are faithful;in falsehood they persecute me; help me. 87  They almost made an end of me on earth,but I did not abandon your mandates. 88  As befits your friendship give me life,and I will observe the lessons of your mouth. 89  Forever, Jehovah,your word stands in heaven. 90  To generation after generation your faithfulness lasts;you have set earth in order, and it stands. 91  For your laws they stand today;for everything is in your service. 92  If your instructions had not been my pleasure,then I should have perished in my misfortune. 93  Forever I will not forget your mandates,because by them you have given me life. 94  Yours am I; save me,because I have betaken myself to your mandates. 95  Wrong-doers have hoped to get me to destroy me;I seek insight into your lessons. 96  Of every thoroughness I have seen an end;your commandment goes far indeed. 97  How I love your instructions!they are my study all day. 98  Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies,for it is mine forever. 99  I have more insight than all my teachersbecause I have your lessons as a study. 100  I am more sagacious than aged menbecause I keep your mandates. 101  From every vicious road I have shut off my feetin order to observe your word. 102  From your laws I have not turned off,because you have instructed me. 103  How delicious to my palate are your behest and promise,more so to my mouth than honey! 104  Out of your mandates I grow intelligent;therefore I hate every false road. 105  Your word is a lantern for my footand light for my path. 106  I have sworn, and will make it good,to observe your just laws. 107  I am in great misfortune;Jehovah, give me life in accordance with your word. 108  Accept the outpourings of my mouth, Jehovah,and teach me your laws. 109  I carry my life in my hand all the timebut never forget your instructions. 110  Wrong-doers have set a trap for me,but I have not strayed from your mandates. 111  I have your lessons as my estate forever,because they are the joy of my heart. 112  I have bent my heart to live up to your preceptsto the last of all. 113  I hate undecided peoplebut love your instructions. 114  You are my screen and shield;I wait for your word. 115  Away from me, evil-doers,that I may keep my God’s commandments! 116  Hold me up in accordance with your promise and let me have life,and do not disappoint me in my reliance. 117  Hold me firm, that I may be savedand take my pleasure in your precepts always. 118  You spurn all who go wrong from your precepts,because their duplicity is falsehood. 119  You have made an end of dross,all earth’s wrong-doers;therefore I love your lessons. 120  My hair stands on end for dread of you,and I am in fear of your judgments. 121  I have done what was lawful and right;do not leave me to those who deny me justice. 122  Be your servant’s bail for good;let presumptuous men not deny me justice. 123  My eyes are spent with looking for your salvationand for your righteous promise. 124  Do with your servant as befits your friendshipand teach me your precepts. 125  I am your servant; give me intelligenceto know your lessons. 126  It is time for Jehovah to act;they have violated your instructions. 127  Therefore I love your commandmentsmore than gold, red gold. 128  Therefore I hold a straight course by all your mandates,I hate every false road. 129  Wonderful are your lessons;therefore my soul keeps them. 130  The doorway of your words shines out,giving good sense to simpletons. 131  I open my mouth and catch my breathbecause I am so eager for your commandments. 132  Face toward me and be gracious to me,as is right for those who love your name. 133  Make my footing sure in your behest,and let not any villainy dominate me. 134  Redeem me from man’s injustice,and I will observe your mandates. 135  Show your servant a shining faceand teach me your precepts. 136  My eyes run streams of waterfor men’s not having observed your instructions. 137  Righteous are you, Jehovah,and just your laws. 138  You have ordained your lessons in righteousnessand utter faithfulness. 139  My jealousy has consumed mebecause my foes have forgotten your word. 140  Fully sterling is your behest,and your servant loves it. 141  Insignificant and despised am I—I do not forget your mandates. 142  Your right dealing is righteous forever,and your instructions are truth. 143  Distress and hardship have befallen me;your commandments are my enjoyment. 144  Your lessons are right forever;give me understanding and I shall come to life. 145  I call with all my heart; answer me, Jehovah;I will keep your precepts. 146  I call you; save meand I will observe your lessons. 147  I am up in the twilight and clamorous,waiting for your word. 148  My eyes come up against the night watchesstudying in your behest. 149  Hear my voice in accordance with your friendship;Jehovah, give me life in accordance with your law. 150  Those who chase after enormity have come near;from your instructions they are far. 151  Near are you, Jehovah,and all your commandments are truth. 152  I know of old out of your lessonsthat you have laid their foundations forever. 153  See my wretched state and rescue me,because I have not forgotten your instructions. 154  Champion my cause and stand my friend;give me life as was your promise. 155  Far from wrong-doers is salvationbecause they have not betaken themselves to your precepts. 156  Your tenderness is great, Jehovah;give me life in accordance with your laws. 157  Many are my persecutors and foes;I have not swerved from your lessons. 158  I saw faithless men and was seized with loathingthat they did not observe your behest. 159  See, because I love your mandates;Jehovah, give me life in accordance with your friendship. 160  The sum of your word is truthand all your righteous laws are forever. 161  Chieftains have been persecuting me without provocation,but it is of your word my heart stands in dread. 162  I rejoice in your promiseas does one who finds great booty. 163  I hate and abhor falsehood;I love your instructions. 164  Seven times a day I praise youfor your righteous laws. 165  Great peace have those who love your law,and nothing to stumble over. 166  I rely on your salvation, Jehovah,and live up to your commandments. 167  My soul observes your lessonsand I greatly love them. 168  I observe your mandates and lessonsbecause all my courses are before you. 169  Let my appeal come near before you, Jehovah:give me understanding in accordance with your word. 170  Let my plea come in before you;deliver me in accordance with your promise. 171  My lips shall pour out praisebecause you teach me your precepts. 172  My tongue shall sing of your behest,for all your commandments are right. 173  May your hand be for my helpbecause I have chosen your mandates. 174  I am wishing your salvation, Jehovah,and your instructions are my pleasure. 175  Let my soul have life and praise you,and your judgments give me help. 176  I am astray like a lost sheep; look your servant up,because I have not forgotten your commandments.