Psalm 142:1-7

(Meditative; of David’s when he was in the cave; a prayer.) 142  Aloud to Jehovah I cry,aloud with Jehovah I plead. 2  Before him I pour out my complaint,before him I tell my distress, 3  While my spirit is failing;but you know my path.In the road that I walk onthey have buried a trap for me. 4  I look on the right and see,and there is no one that takes an interest in me;My place to flee to is lost,there is no one looking out for my life. 5  I cry to you, Jehovah;I say “You are my refuge,my portion in the land of the living.” 6  Listen to my appeal,because I am in great want:Deliver me from my persecutors,because they are too strong for me. 7  Bring my life out of lockupto give thanks to your name;Honest men are awaiting my prospectthat you will do me a good turn.