Psalm 103:1-22

(Of David’s.) 103  Bless Jehovah, my soul;all my being, through and through, bless his holy name! 2  Bless Jehovah, my soul,and do not forget all he has done for you, 3  He who forgives all your guilt,who cures all your diseases, 4  Who protects your life from being swallowed up in the depths below,who crowns you with his friendship and sympathy, 5  Who satisfies your lifetime with good things,letting you renew your youth like the great vulture. 6  Jehovah does things that are right,and acts of justice for those to whom it is denied. 7  He makes his courses known to Moses,his doings to the sons of Israel. 8  Tenderhearted and kindly is Jehovah,patient and very friendly. 9  He will not keep up a contention permanentlynor lay up a score forever. 10  He has not done to us things to match our sinsnor treated us in accordance with our guilt, 11  For like the height of sky over earthis the transcendence of his friendship over those who fear him. 12  As far away as east from westhas he put our crimes from us. 13  Like a father’s tenderness for sonsis Jehovah’s for those who fear him, 14  Because he knows our structure,remembers that we are clay. 15  Man’s lifetime is like that of grass;like field flowers, so does he bloom; 16  For a wind passes through and he is not there,and his place is no longer aware of him. 17  But Jehovah’s friendship is from eternity to eternity over those who fear him,and his fair dealing to sons of sons, 18  To those who keep his covenantand who remember his mandates, living up to them. 19  Jehovah has set his throne fast in the heavens,and his kingdom rules everything. 20  Bless Jehovah, you angels of his, formidable in strength, doers of his bidding, obeyers of his word! 21  Bless Jehovah, all you legions of his,servitors of his, doers of his pleasure! 22  Bless Jehovah, all works of hisin all the places under his sway!Bless Jehovah, my soul!