Psalm 85:1-13

(Of the Director; of the sons of Korah; a psalm.) 85  You took your country into favor, Jehovah,came back to Jacob, 2  Pardoned your people’s guilt,covered up all their sin, [Selah] 3  Drew back all your wrath,put a stop to your anger. 4  Come back to us, God of our salvation,and suppress your vexation at us. 5  Will you be angry with us forever,carry your anger on from generation to generation? 6  Will not you, you, again bring us to lifeand let your people be glad in you? 7  Show us your friendship, Jehovah,giving us your salvation. 8  I will hear what the Deity Jehovah will speak,for he will speak peace to his people and the objects of his friendshipand to those who turn their hearts back to him. 9  All near for those who fear him is his salvation,for glory to dwell in our country, 10  Friendliness and loyalty having met,right and peace having kissed, 11  Loyalty springing up from the earthand right looking out from the sky, 12  Jehovah too giving goodnessand our earth giving its growth, 13  Right going before himand salvation by the road he treads.