Psalm 112:1-10

112  Praise Jehovah!Happy a man who fears Jehovah,takes great pleasure in his commandments: 2  Eminent in the country shall his descendants be;a generation of upright men will be blessed. 3  In his house are resources and riches,and his rightness stands forevermore. 4  Light comes up in darkness for upright men;kindly and tenderhearted is a right-doer. 5  Good is a man who shows kindness and lends,keeps up his business in justice. 6  For he will be unshaken forever;an honest man will become an everlasting memory. 7  He will not be afraid at a report of disaster;his heart stands firm, trusting in Jehovah. 8  His heart is anchored; he will not be afraidtill he gloats over his foes. 9  He has scattered, has given to the needy;his right-doing stands forevermore;his horn is carried high in honor. 10  A wrong-doer will see and be vexed,will grind his teeth and melt down;wrong-doers’ cravings will perish.