Psalm 6:1-10

(Of the Director; with string accompaniment; bass voices. A psalm of David’s.) 6  Jehovah, do not correct me in your angernor chastise me in your ire; 2  Do me a kindness, Jehovah, because I am forlorn;make me well, Jehovah, because my bones are flinching. 3  My soul is flinching utterly;Jehovah, how long will you? 4  Come back, Jehovah, rescue my soul;save me for your friendship’s sake. 5  For in death there is no remembrance of you,in the world below who will give you thanks? 6  I am tired with moaning; all nightI wash my bed with my tears;I melt down my bedstead. 7  My eyes have been wearing away for vexation,aging by all that distress me. 8  Away from me, all you that commit villainy,for Jehovah has heard the sound of my weeping, 9  Jehovah has heard my petition,Jehovah will receive my prayer. 10  All my enemies will be in great shame and consternation,will turn back and be in sudden shame.