Psalm 81:1-16

(Of the Director; to the Gittith. Of Asaph’s.) 81  Shout for God our strength,cheer for Jacob’s God! 2  Strike up music and sound tambourine,dulcet lyre with harp, 3  Blow the ram-horn at the new moon,at the full, on the day of our feast. 4  For that is an institution of Israel’s,a due of Jacob’s God. 5  He made it a commemoration in Josephwhen he went out over Egypt.I heard a lip I had not known, 6  “I let his shoulder turn away from the load;his hands shall pass the basket by; 7  You called in distress, and I have rescued you.I will answer you through a screen of thunder;I will test you at a water of dispute. [Selah] 8  Listen, my people, and let me testify to you;Israel, if you will listen to me, 9  Have no strange deity among youand not do reverence to any foreign deity, 10  I Jehovah am your God,who am bringing you up out of Egypt;open your mouth wide and I will fill it. 11  But does my people not listen to my voice,will Israel not have me, 12  I will turn them loose to their willful wicked way;they shall go by their own contrivances. 13  If my people did listen to me,Israel did go my ways, 14  Readily would I humble their enemiesand bring my hand back against their foes. 15  Those who hate Israel should cringe to himand their disaster be forever. 16  I would feed him out of the richest of wheatand give you out of rocks your fill of honey.”