Psalm 32:1-11

(Of David’s; meditative.) 32  Happy he who has transgression forgiven,sin covered up; 2  Happy a man for whom Jehovah does not count guiltand who has no fraud at heart. 3  When I was silent my bones were wearing outwith my roaring all day, 4  Because by day and by night your hand lay heavy on me,I was double-baked with summer droughts. [Selah] 5  I acknowledged my sin to youand did not cover up my guilt,I said “I will avow my offenses to Jehovah,”and you forgave the guilt of my sin. (Selah) 6  Since this has been, let every man of your friendship pray to you in crisis;when waters are poured out in highest flood they shall not reach him. 7  You are a screen for me; you will keep me safe from distress;you will surround me with shouts of preservation. [Selah] 8  I will teach you good sense, and instruct you as to the way you should go;I will give advice; my eye is on you. 9  Do not be like a senseless pony or mulewhose wildness, that will not come near you, has to be curbed withbridle and halter. 10  Many are the pains of a wrong-doer,but him who trusts to Jehovah friendliness will encircle. 11  Be glad and gay, right-doers, in Jehovah,and shout, you that have straightforward hearts!