Psalm 66:1-20

(Of the Director; a song; a psalm.) 66  Shout for God, all the earth! 2  Make music for the glory of his name;make his praise a glory. 3  Say of God “What a fearful thing are your works!at the greatness of your might your enemies cringe to you. 4  All the earth shall do reverence to youand make music for you, make music for your fame.” (Selah) 5  Come and see God’s doings;he is fearful in action over humankind. 6  He turned a sea to dry land—they were to cross the channel on foot;there let us make merry in him! 7  He rules eternally by his might;his eyes look out among the nations;let the stubborn not set themselves up aloft. (Selah) 8  Bless our God, peoples,make the sound of his praise heard, 9  Him who has put our souls into lifeand has not yielded our feet to totter. 10  For you have assayed us, God,smelted us as silver is smelted, 11  Brought us into the toils,put a cinch round our waists, 12  Mounted men on our heads,we came into fire and water—and you brought us out to comfort. 13  I will come into your house with burnt-offerings,will make good my vows to you, 14  Which my lips uttered and my mouth spokewhen I was in distress. 15  Burnt-offerings of fat tegs I will offer you,with smoke of rams;I will do steers with goats. (Selah) 16  Come, listen, and I will tell the story,all you who fear God,of what he did for me. 17  I called to him with my mouth,while acclamation waited under my tongue. 18  I said to my own self“My Lord will not hear me”; 19  But God did hear me,listened for the sound of my prayer. 20  Blessed be God,who did not put aside my prayernor his friendship from me.