Psalm 16:1-11

(A mictam of David’s.) 16  Protect me, Jehovah, because I have taken refuge in you; 2  I have said to Jehovah my Lord “You are my good, 3  Counting out all holy ones that are on earth,grand ones that I have no fancy for.” 4  They get themselves many griefs;they hurry to get another god.I will not pour their libations of bloodnor take their names on my lips. 5  Jehovah, you have apportioned my dish and my cup;you guide the falling of my lot. 6  Lines have fallen in pleasant places for me;Yes, and my estate has grown finer on my hands. 7  I will bless Jehovah, who has advised me;nights too my bosom instructs me. 8  I keep Jehovah always before me;because he is at my right hand I shall be unshaken. 9  So my heart is glad and my soul jubilant;my flesh too rests assured, 10  Because you will not leave my soul to the realm of death,will not give up the man of your friendship to see dissolution. 11  You will send me along paths of life;in your company there are joys in plenty,pleasant things are in your right hand perpetually.