Psalm 21:1-13

(Of the Director; a psalm of David’s.) 21  In your might, Jehovah, a king will be glad,in the victory you give how overjoyed he will be! 2  You have given him what his heart desiredand not refused what his lips requested; (Selah) 3  For you confront him with the best of blessings,set on his head a crown of red gold. 4  For life he asked you; you gave it to him,length of days, ever and evermore. 5  Great is his glory by the victory you give;majesty and splendor you impart to him. 6  For you will make him a name of blessing forevermore;you will delight him with rejoicings in your presence. 7  For the king puts his confidence in Jehovah,and by the friendship of the Lord in high he will stand unshaken. 8  Your hand shall light on all your enemies,your right hand on those who hate you; 9  You will make them like a baking-crock full of fire at the time of your presence;Jehovah in his anger will engulf them, fire will consume them; 10  You will destroy their line out of earthand their blood out of mankind, 11  Because they pointed mischief at you,contrived a design they could not carry through. 12  For you will make them turn their backs,you will aim your bow at their faces. 13  Rise high, Jehovah, in your might!we will sing your exploits and make music of them.