Psalm 75:1-10

(Of the Director; “Do Not Spoil”; a psalm of Asaph’s, a song.) 75  We thank you, God, we thank youand call on your name, tell the story of your wonders. 2  “When my day comesI will judge evenhandedly. 3  Earth and all its inhabitants swing back and forth—I make its pillars fast. (Selah) 4  I say to reckless men ‘Do not be so reckless,’and to wrong-doers ‘Do not carry your horns so loftily.’” 5  Do not carry your horns so very loftily,talking arrogance against the Rock; 6  For not from east nor from westnor yet from wilderness comes uplifting, 7  But God gives judgment,brings this one down and that one up. 8  For Jehovah has in his hand a cupwith foaming wine full of strong spice,And he pours to this one and to that one;they are to drain its very dregs,all earth’s wrong-doers are to drink. 9  But I will exult forever,will make music to the God of Jacob, 10  And chop off all the horns of wrong-doers;right-doers’ horns shall be carried loftily.