Psalm 147:1-20

147  Praise Jehovah, because he is good;make music for our God, because he is sweet;praise is glorious work. 2  Jehovah is Jerusalem’s upbuilder,he collects the exiles of Israel, 3  He who heals men broken at the heartand bandages their aches, 4  Who counts off the stars,names them all. 5  Great is our Lord and supremely strong;his understanding is incalculable. 6  Jehovah keeps humble men on their feet,brings wrong-doers down on the ground. 7  Sing out to Jehovah in thanksgiving,make music for our God with a lyre, 8  Him who covers sky with clouds,who dispenses rain to the earth,who makes mountains grow grass, 9  Gives their feed to cattle,to ravens’ young as they call. 10  Not the pony’s mettle pleases him,not the man’s legs gratify him; 11  Jehovah is gratified with those who fear him,those who await his friendship. 12  Laud Jehovah, Jerusalem,praise your God, Sion, 13  Because he has strengthened the bars of your gates,has blessed your sons within you. 14  He who makes your domain prosperous,gives you your fill of the richest of wheat, 15  He who sends his behest on earth,right speedily does his word run; 16  He who gives snow like wool,scatters hoarfrost like ashes, 17  Throws his ice like scraps;before his cold who holds out? 18  He sends his word and melts them;he makes his wind blow, water trickles,— 19  Tells Jacob his word,Israel his rules and laws. 20  He has not done the like for any nation,and his laws they do not know.Praise Jehovah!