Psalm 72:1-20

(Of Solomon’s.) 72  God, give a king your justice,a king’s son your right-dealing! 2  He will give his verdicts to your people rightlyand to your downtrodden justly. 3  Mountains shall carry peace for the people,and hills, by right. 4  He will do justice for downtrodden classes,will save sons of poverty,and will beat down a refuser of rights. 5  He shall last along with the sun,and before the moon for a cycle of generations. 6  He shall come down like rain on mowings,like showers drenching earth. 7  In his days right will flowerand plentiful peace till there shall be no moon. 8  And he shall have the mastery from sea to seaand from the River to ends of earth. 9  Before him foes shall stoopand his enemies shall lick dust. 10  Kings of Spain and islands shall pay him tribute,kings of Sheba and Seba present gratuities, 11  And all kings shall do him reverence,all nations be subject to him. 12  For he shall deliver needy suppliantand downtrodden man and man whom none will help, 13  He shall have mercy on poor man and needyand save needy men’s lives, 14  From extortion and outrage he shall protect their lives,and deem their blood worth his attention, 15  That he may live and may be given gold from Shebaand that they may pray for him continually,may bless him all the day, 16  There may be plenty of grain in the country,shaking on mountaintops,His fruit may be like that of the Lebanonand the offspring of his body like the herbage of the earth. 17  Be his name forever,before the sun be his name set firm,And may they bless by him,all nations proclaim his happiness! 18  Blessed be Jehovah God, Israel’s God,who alone does wonders, 19  And blessed be his glorious name foreverand be all the earth filled with his glory!Amen and amen! 20  End of the prayers of David the son of Jesse.