Psalm 31:1-24

(Of the Director; a psalm of David’s.) 31  In you, Jehovah, I take refuge;forever let me not be disappointed;in your right-doing bring me safe through. 2  Turn your ear toward me;deliver me quickly;Be a citadel rock for me,a fastness house to save me, 3  because you are my cliff and fastnessAnd for the sake of your name you will guide me and lead me, 4  will get me out of nets that they hid for me,because you are my citadel. 5  To your hands I commit my spirit;you have redeemed me, Jehovah, loyal God. 6  You hate those who attend to futile superstitions;but I rest my confidence in Jehovah. 7  I am gay and glad in your friendship,that you saw my wretched state,knew about my soul’s distresses, 8  And did not give me up into an enemy’s hands;you set my feet to stand in a broad place. 9  Be gracious to me, Jehovah, because I am in distress;my eyes have been wearing away with vexation,my soul and my body. 10  For my life passes away in sorrow and my years in moaning,my strength breaks down in wretchedness and my bones wear away. 11  By all my persecutors I have been a downright butt to my neighborsand a dread to my acquaintances; those who see me in the street shy away from me. 12  I am gone from memory like a dead man;I am like a lost basket. 13  For I have heard the gossip of many, terror on every side,while they concerted their program against me, designing to take my life. 14  But I rest my confidence in you, Jehovah;I have said “You are my God.” 15  The events of my life are in your hands:deliver me out of the hands of my enemies and persecutors; 16  Show your servant a shining face;save me in your friendship. 17  Jehovah, let me not be disappointed, because I have called you;let wicked men be disappointed, be silenced for the grave. 18  Let falsifying lips grow dumb,those that make arrogant talk against an honest manin pride and contempt. 19  How great is your kindness, Jehovah,which you have kept laid by for those who fear you,Have put in action before menfor those who take refuge in you! 20  You will screen them in the veil of your face from the grapplings of a man,embower them in privacy from the strife of tongues. 21  Blessed be Jehovah, because he specially befriended me in a besieged city, 22  when I thought in my alarm I was cut off from before your eyes;Yet you did hear my suppliant voicewhen I clamored to you. 23  Love Jehovah, all men of his friendship!Jehovah keeps faithful men safeand more than pays off one who acts proudly. 24  Courage, and keep a constant heart,all you who wait for Jehovah.