Psalm 86:1-17

(A prayer of David’s.) 86  Bend your ear, Jehovah, answer me,because I am unhappy and needy. 2  Preserve my life, because I am a man of your friendship;save your servant who puts his trust in you. 3  You are my God; be gracious to me,because I call to you all day. 4  Gladden your servant’s soul,because it is on you, Lord, that I count. 5  For you, Lord, are kind and forgivingand of great friendship to all who call on you. 6  Give ear to my prayer, Jehovah;listen to my suppliant voice; 7  In my day of distress I call to youbecause you will answer me. 8  There is no one like you among the gods, Lord,and there are not the like of your deeds. 9  All nations that you have madeshall come and do reverence before you, Lord,and glorify your name, 10  Because you are great and doer of wonders,you alone are God. 11  Show me your road, Jehovah;I will go by your truth;unite my heart to fear your name. 12  I will give you thanks, my Lord, my God, with all my heart, and glorify your name forever, 13  Because your friendliness is great toward meand you deliver my life from the bottom of the realm of death; 14  For high-handed men stood up against meand a company of overbearing men were looking for my lifeand had not set you before them, 15  But you, Lord, are a deity tenderhearted and kindly,patient and very friendly and loyal. 16  Turn toward me and be gracious to me;give your shelter to your servantand save your bondwoman’s son. 17  Do by me a token of good,that those who hate me may see, and be disappointed,that you, Jehovah, have helped me and comforted me.