Psalm 22:1-31

(Of the Director; to “The Morning Doe”; a psalm of David’s.) 22  My God, my God, why have you left me?far from my Salvation are the words of my roaring! 2  My God, I call by day and you do not answer,by night and have no response. 3  And you are holy,enthroned on the praises of Israel! 4  It was in you our fathers put their confidence,put their confidence and you brought them through. 5  To you they cried, and came off safe;in you they put their confidence and were not disappointed. 6  But I am a worm, not a man,a thing flouted by men, despised by people. 7  All who see me make fun of me,curl their lips, swing their heads: 8  “He relied on Jehovah, let him bring him through,let him deliver him because he likes him.” 9  When it was you that made me come out of my mother’s body,made me fearless as I lay on her breast, 10  On whom I was thrown from birth,who have been my God since I was in my mother’s body, 11  Do not be far from me, for it is a hard pinch; come near,for there is nobody to give help. 12  Many steers surround me,bulls of Bashan encircle me, 13  Rapacious roaring lionsface me with wide-open mouths, 14  I am as weak as water,my bones are all coming apart;My heart is like wax,it melts in my body. 15  My strength is dried out like a chip of crockery,My tongue sticks to my jaws,and you set me on the clay of death. 16  For dogs surround me,a company of malefactors have come about me,They dig into my arms and legs— 17  I can count all my bones!They look on and gloat over me, 18  They divide my garments among themand toss lots for my clothing. 19  But, Jehovah, do not hold aloof!my upholder, make haste for my help! 20  Deliver my life from swords,my dear life from dogs’ paws; 21  Save me from a lion’s mouth,my wretchedness from ure’s horns. 22  I will recount your fame to my brothers,in mid-assembly I will praise you. 23  You who fear Jehovah, praise him!All Jacob’s race, glorify him!And quail before him, all you race of Israel! 24  For he has not despised nor loathed a wretched man’s wretched stateNor veiled his face from him,but listens when he clamors to him. 25  His faithfulness is my praise in a great assembly;I will pay my vows before those who fear him; 26  Humble men shall eat and have a full meal,those who invoke Jehovah shall praise him;blithe be your hearts forevermore! 27  Let all the ends of earthremember and come back to Jehovah,And let all clans of nationsdo reverence before him; 28  For the kingship is Jehovah’sand he governs among the nations. 29  Only to him shall all the hale of earth do reverence,before him all who go down into clay shall bowAnd he who does not keep his soul alive. 30  A race shall worship him; it shall be told of for the Lord. 31  A generation shall come and report his right-doingto a people that is to be born, because he acted.