Psalm 146:1-10

146  Praise Jehovah!Praise Jehovah, my soul; 2  I will praise Jehovah while I live,make music for my God while I exist. 3  Do not trust confidently in noblemen,in a human being to whom salvation does not belong: 4  The breath in him will go out,he will go back to the soil he came from,that day his goodwill is a total loss. 5  Happy he who has Jacob’s God for his help,whose reliance is on his God Jehovah, 6  Maker of heavens and earth,of the sea and everything in it;Him who keeps to loyalty forever, 7  doer of justice for those to whom it is denied,Giver of bread to hungry men;Jehovah undoes prisoners’ fetters, 8  Jehovah opens blind men’s eyes,Jehovah raises men who are bent down,Jehovah loves honest men, 9  Jehovah safeguards immigrants,Keeps orphan and widow on their feetand circumvents wrong-doers’ courses. 10  Jehovah shall reign forever,your God, Sion, to generation after generation.Praise Jehovah!