Psalm 52:1-9

(Of the Director; meditative. Of David’s, when Doeg the Edomite came in and reported to Saul “David went into Ahimelec’s house.”) 52  Why boast in evil, ruffian?Deity’s friendship lasts all day. 2  You plan catastrophes; your tongueis like a whetted razor, playing false. 3  You prefer evil to good,falsehood to right speaking. (Selah) 4  You love all quibbling words,a cheating tongue. 5  The Deity on his part will break you down for good,scoop you up and tear you out of homeand your root out of the land of living men. (Selah) 6  And honest men shall see and fearand laugh over him: 7  “There is the man that was not making God his citadelbut had put his confidence in the greatness of his riches,was mighty by his capital.” 8  But I am like a verdant olive-tree in God’s house;I have put my confidence in God’s friendship forever and aye. 9  I will thank you forever, because you acted,and hope in your name, because it is good,in the presence of the men of your friendship.