Psalm 7:1-17

(A dithyramb of David’s which he sang to Jehovah about the affair of Cush a Benjamite.) 7  Jehovah, my God, in you I take refuge:save me from all my persecutors and deliver me, 2  For fear he should make prey of my life like a lion,bringing down, and nobody rescuing. 3  Jehovah, my God, if I did this,if there is foul play in my hands, 4  If I injured one who was at peace with meand wantonly harassed one who was my foe, 5  Let an enemy chase after my soul and run it downand trample my life to the earth,and my glory be lodged in the dust. (Selah) 6  Rise in your anger, Jehovah; up with you against my foemen’s wrath, and bestir yourself to reach me.A judgment you have ordained; 7  let a congregation of gods surround you,and above them sit aloft. 8  Jehovah is arbiter of peoples:give judgment for me, Jehovah,in accordance with my fair dealing and the integrity I cherish; 9  Let wrong-doers’ evil disappear and right-doing be made regular—the Tester of Heads and Hearts is a right-doing God! 10  My shield is carried by God,saver of men of upright heart. 11  God is an honest man’s judgeand the Deity is hostile to schemers. 12  If he does not turn back, he sharpens his sword,has strung his bow and bent it, 13  And got ready instruments of death,makes his arrows fireballs. 14  Here he is in labor with villainy,has become pregnant with mischief and will give birth to lies. 15  He has dug and sunk a pitfalland tumbled into the trap he was making. 16  His mischief will come back on his own headand his outrage come down on his own pate. 17  I thank Jehovah as befits his right-doingand sing a psalm to the name of Jehovah Most High.