Psalm 4:1-8

To the director on stringed instruments.+ A melody of David. 4  When I call, answer me, O my righteous God.+In the distress you must make broad space for me.Show me favor+ and hear my prayer.   YOU sons of men,* how long must my glory+ be for insult,[While] YOU keep loving empty things,[While] YOU keep seeking to find a lie? Seʹlah.   So take knowledge that Jehovah will certainly distinguish his loyal one;*+Jehovah himself will hear when I call to him.+   BE agitated, but do not sin.+Have YOUR say in YOUR heart, upon YOUR bed,+ and keep silent. Seʹlah.   Sacrifice the sacrifices of righteousness,+And trust in Jehovah.+   There are many saying: “Who will show us good?”Lift up the light of your face upon us,+ O Jehovah.   You will certainly give a rejoicing in my heart+Greater than in the time when their grain and their new wine have abounded.+   In peace I will both lie down and sleep,+For you yourself alone, O Jehovah, make me dwell in security.+


“Men.” Heb., ʼish, evidently in a collective sense.
“Jehovah has made his man of loving-kindness [Vg, “his holy one”] wonderful,” LXX.