Psalm 71:1-24

71  In you, O Jehovah, I have taken refuge.+O may I never be ashamed.+   In your righteousness may you deliver me and provide me with escape.+Incline to me your ear and save me.+   Become to me a rock fortress into which to enter constantly.+You must command to save me,+For you are my crag and my stronghold.+   O my God, provide me with escape from the hand of the wicked one,+From the palm of the one acting unjustly and oppressively.+   For you are my hope,+ O Sovereign Lord Jehovah, my confidence from my youth.+   Upon you I have supported myself from the belly;+You are the One severing me even from the inward parts of my mother.+In you my praise is constantly.+   I have become just like a miracle to many people;+But you are my strong refuge.+   My mouth is filled with your praise,+All day long with your beauty.+   Do not throw me away in the time of old age;+Just when my power is failing, do not leave me.+ 10  For my enemies have said in regard to me,+And the very ones keeping watch for my soul have jointly exchanged counsel,+ 11  Saying: “God himself has left him.+Pursue and catch him, for there is no deliverer.”+ 12  O God, do not keep far away from me.+O my God, do hurry to my assistance.+ 13  May those be ashamed, may those come to their end, who are resisting my soul.+May those cover themselves with reproach and humiliation who are seeking calamity for me.+ 14  But as for me, I shall wait constantly,+And I will add to all your praise. 15  My own mouth will recount your righteousness,+All day long your salvation,+For I have not come to know the numbers [of them].+ 16  I shall come in grand mightiness,+ O Sovereign+ Lord Jehovah;I shall mention your righteousness, yours alone.+ 17  O God, you have taught me from my youth on,+And until now I keep telling about your wonderful works.+ 18  And even until old age and gray-headedness, O God, do not leave me,+Until I may tell about your arm to the generation,+To all those who are to come, about your mightiness.+ 19  Your righteousness, O God, is up to the height;+As respects the great things that you have done,+O God, who is like you?+ 20  Because you have made me* see many distresses and calamities,+May you revive me again;+And from the watery deeps* of the earth may you again bring me up.+ 21  May you enlarge my greatness,+And may you surround [and] comfort me.+ 22  I too, I shall laud you on an instrument of a stringed sort,+As regards your trueness, O my God.+I will make melody to you on the harp, O Holy One of Israel.+ 23  My lips will cry out joyfully when I am inclined to make melody to you,+Even my soul that you have redeemed.+ 24  Also, my own tongue, all day long, will utter in an undertone your righteousness,+For they have become ashamed, for they have become abashed, who are seeking calamity for me.+


Or, “the surging waters.” By a correction of M, “the lower (lowest) parts,” as in 63:9.
“Me,” MmarginLXXSyVg; M, “us.”