Psalm 64:1-10

To the director. A melody of David. 64  Hear, O God, my voice in my concern.+From the dreadfulness of the enemy may you safeguard my life.+   May you conceal me from the confidential talk of evildoers,+From the tumult of practicers of hurtfulness,+   Who have sharpened their tongue just like a sword,+Who have aimed their arrow, bitter speech,+   To shoot from concealed places at someone blameless.+All of a sudden they shoot at him and do not fear.+   They hold themselves down to bad speech;+They make statements about hiding traps.+They have said: “Who sees them?”*+   They keep searching out unrighteous things;+They have hidden a shrewd device well searched out,+And the inward part of each one, even [his] heart, is deep.+   But God will shoot at them with an arrow suddenly.+Wounds have resulted to them,+   And they cause one to stumble.+[But] their tongue is against their own selves.+All those looking upon them will shake their head,+   And all earthling men will become afraid;+And they will tell of the activity of God,+And they will certainly have insight into his work.+ 10  And the righteous one will rejoice in Jehovah and will indeed take refuge in him;+And all the upright in heart will boast.+


“Them,” MTLXXVg; Sy, “us.”