Psalm 12:1-8

To the director on the lower octave.*+ A melody of David. 12  Do save [me],*+ O Jehovah, for the loyal one has come to an end;+For faithful people have vanished from the sons of men.   Untruth they keep speaking one to the other;+With a smooth lip+ they keep speaking even with a double heart.*+   Jehovah will cut off all smooth lips,The tongue speaking great things,+   Those who have said: “With our tongue we shall prevail.+Our lips are with us. Who will be a master to us?”   “Because of the despoiling of the afflicted ones, because of the sighing of the poor ones,+I shall at this time arise,” says Jehovah.+“I shall put [him] in safety from anyone that puffs at him.”+   The sayings of Jehovah are pure sayings,+As silver refined in a smelting furnace* of earth, clarified seven times.   You yourself, O Jehovah, will guard them;+You will preserve each one from this generation to time indefinite.   The wicked ones walk all around,Because vileness is exalted among the sons of men.+


“On the lower octave.” Heb., ʽal-hash·shemi·nithʹ. See 6:Sup ftn.
“Me,” LXXVg; MSy omit.
Lit., “with a heart and a heart.”
“A smelting furnace,” T. Possibly, “an entrance.” The meaning is uncertain.