Psalm 70:1-5

To the director. Of David, to bring to remembrance.+ 70  O God, to deliver me,+O Jehovah, to my assistance do make haste.+   May those be ashamed and abashed who are seeking my soul.*+May those turn back and be humiliated who are taking delight in my calamity.+   May those go back by reason of their shame who are saying: “Aha, aha!”+   May those exult and rejoice in you, all of whom are seeking you,+And may they say constantly: “God* be magnified!”—those loving your salvation.+   But I am afflicted and poor.+O God, do act quickly for me.+You are my help and the Provider of escape for me.+O Jehovah, do not be too late.+


“My soul (life).” Heb., naph·sh.
“God,” M(Heb., ʼElo·himʹ)LXXSy; Vgc and many Heb. mss, “Jehovah”; T, “The glory of Jehovah.”