Psalm 113:1-9

113 * Praise Jah, YOU people!*+Offer praise,* O YOU servants of Jehovah,+Praise the name of Jehovah.+   May Jehovah’s name become blessed+From now on and to time indefinite.+   From the rising of the sun until its setting+Jehovah’s name is to be praised.+   Jehovah has become high above all the nations;+His glory is above the heavens.+   Who is like Jehovah our God,+Him who is making his dwelling on high?+   He is condescending to look on heaven and earth,+   Raising up the lowly one from the very dust;+He exalts the poor one from the ashpit itself,+   To make [him] sit with nobles,+With the nobles of his people.+   He is causing the barren woman to dwell in a house+As a joyful mother of sons.+Praise Jah, YOU people!*+


Ps 113 is the first of the six Hallel Psalms. See 114:1 ftn.
See 104:35 ftns.
“Offer praise.” Heb., ha·leluʹ.
See 104:35 ftns.