Psalm 93:1-5

93 * Jehovah himself has become king!+With eminence he is clothed;+Jehovah is clothed—with strength he has girded himself.+The productive land* also becomes firmly established so that it cannot be made to totter.+   Your throne is firmly established from long ago;+You are from time indefinite.+   The rivers have raised, O Jehovah,The rivers have raised their sound;+The rivers keep raising their pounding.+   Above the sounds of vast waters, the majestic breaking waves of the sea,+Jehovah is majestic+ in the height.   Your own reminders have proved very trustworthy.+Holiness is befitting to your own house,+ O Jehovah, for length of days.+


LXX has the superscription: “For the day before the sabbath, when the earth was settled (peopled). The praise of a song by David”; Vg is similar.
“The productive land.” Heb., te·velʹ; LXX, “The inhabited earth”; Lat., orʹbem terʹrae, “The circle of the earth.”