Psalm 26:1-12

Of David. 26  Judge me,+ O Jehovah, for I myself have walked in my own integrity,+And in Jehovah I have trusted, that I may not wobble.+   Examine me, O Jehovah, and put me to the test;+Refine my kidneys* and my heart.+   For your loving-kindness is in front of my eyes,And I have walked in your truth.+   I have not sat with men of untruth;+And with those who hide what they are I do not come in.+   I have hated the congregation* of evildoers,+And with the wicked ones I do not sit.+   I shall wash my hands in innocency itself,+And I will march around your altar, O Jehovah,+   To cause thanksgiving to be heard aloud,*+And to declare all your wonderful works.+   Jehovah, I have loved the dwelling of your house+And the place of the residing of your glory.+   Do not take away* my soul along with sinners,+Nor my life along with bloodguilty men,+ 10  In whose hands there is loose conduct,+And whose right hand is full of bribery.+ 11  As for me, in my integrity I shall walk.+O redeem me+ and show me favor.+ 12  My own foot will certainly stand on a level place;+Among the congregated throngs* I shall bless Jehovah.*+


Or, “my deepest emotions.” Heb., khil·yoh·thaiʹ.
“Congregation of.” Heb., qehalʹ; Gr., ek·kle·siʹan; Lat., ec·cleʹsi·am.
Lit., “with a voice.”
Lit., “Do not gather.”
“Among the congregated throngs.” Heb., bemaq·he·limʹ; Gr., ek·kle·siʹais; Lat., ec·cleʹsi·is.
“Bless Jehovah,” MTSy; LXXVg, “bless you, O Jehovah.”