Psalm 111:1-10

111 * Praise Jah, YOU people!*+א [ʼAʹleph]I shall laud Jehovah with all [my] heart+ב [Behth]In the intimate group+ of upright ones and the assembly.+ ג [Giʹmel]   The works of Jehovah are great,+ד [Daʹleth]Searched for on the part of all those delighting in them.+ ה [Heʼ]   His activity+ is dignity and splendor themselves,+ו [Waw]And his righteousness is standing forever.+ ז [Zaʹyin]   A memorial he has made for his wonderful works.+ח [Chehth]Jehovah is gracious and merciful.+ ט [Tehth]   Food he has given to those fearing him.+י [Yohdh]To time indefinite he will remember his covenant.+ כ [Kaph]   The power of his works he has told to his people,+ל [Laʹmedh]In giving them the inheritance of the nations.+ מ [Mem]   The works of his hands are truth and judgment;+נ [Nun]Trustworthy are all the orders he gives,+ ס [Saʹmekh]   Well supported forever, to time indefinite,+ע [ʽAʹyin]Done in truth and uprightness.+ פ [Peʼ]   He has sent redemption itself to his people.+צ [Tsa·dhehʹ]To time indefinite he has commanded his covenant.+ק [Qohph]His name is holy and fear-inspiring.+ ר [Rehsh] 10  The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom.+ש [Sin]All those doing them have a good insight.+ת [Taw]His praise is standing forever.+


This psalm is arranged in acrostic, or Heb. alphabetic, order.
See 104:35 ftns.