Psalm 108:1-13

A song. A melody of David. 108  My heart is steadfast, O God.+I will sing and make melody,+Even my glory.+   Do awake, O stringed instrument; you too, O harp.+I will awaken the dawn.+   I shall laud you among the peoples, O Jehovah;+And I shall make melody to you among the national groups.+   For your loving-kindness* is great up to the heavens,+And your trueness up to the skies.+   O be exalted above the heavens, O God;+And let your glory be above all the earth.+   In order that your beloved ones may be rescued,+O do save with your right hand and answer me.+   God himself has spoken in his holiness:+“I will exult, I will give out Sheʹchem+ as a portion;+And the low plain of Sucʹcoth+ I shall measure off.   Gilʹe·ad+ belongs to me; Ma·nasʹseh+ belongs to me;And Eʹphra·im is the fortress of my head one;+Judah is my commander’s staff.+   Moʹab+ is my washing pot.+Over Eʹdom+ I shall throw my sandal.+Over Phi·lisʹti·a+ I shall shout in triumph.”*+ 10  Who will bring me to the fortified city?+Who will actually lead me as far as Eʹdom?+ 11  Is it not [you], O God, who have cast us off+And who do not go forth with our armies as God?+ 12  Do give us assistance from distress,+As salvation by earthling man* is worthless.+ 13  By God we shall gain vital energy,+And he himself will tread down our adversaries.+


Or, “loyal love.”
See 60:8 and ftn.
“Earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.