Psalm 97:1-12

97  Jehovah* himself has become king!+ Let the earth be joyful.+Let the many islands* rejoice.+   Clouds and thick gloom are all around him;+Righteousness and judgment are the established place of his throne.+   Before him a very fire goes,+And it consumes his adversaries all around.+   His lightnings lighted up the productive land;+The earth saw and came to be in severe pains.+   The mountains themselves proceeded to melt just like wax on account of Jehovah,*+On account of the Lord* of the whole earth.+   The heavens have told forth his righteousness,+And all the peoples have seen his glory.+   Let all those serving* any carved image be ashamed,+Those who are making their boast in valueless gods.*+Bow down to him, all YOU gods.*+   Zion heard and began to rejoice,+And the dependent towns* of Judah began to be joyful+By reason of your judicial decisions, O Jehovah.+   For you, O Jehovah,* are the Most High over all the earth;+You are very high in your ascent over all [other] gods.*+ 10  O YOU lovers of Jehovah,*+ hate what is bad.+He is guarding the souls of his loyal ones;+Out of the hand of the wicked ones he delivers them.+ 11  Light itself has flashed up* for the righteous one,+And rejoicing even for the ones upright in heart.+ 12  Rejoice in Jehovah,* O YOU righteous ones,+And give thanks to his holy memorial.*+


See App 1C §8.
Or, “coastlands.”
See App 1C §8.
“Lord of.” Heb., ʼAdhohnʹ.
Or, “in worthless gods.” Heb., ba·ʼeli·limʹ; LXX, “in their idols”; Vg, “in their images (likenesses).”
“Gods.” Heb., ʼelo·himʹ; LXXSyVg, “his angels.”
Or, “those worshiping.” Heb., ʽo·vedhehʹ.
Lit., “the daughters.”
See App 1C §8.
“Gods.” Heb., ʼelo·himʹ.
See App 1C §8.
“Has flashed up,” TLXXSyVg and one Heb. ms; M, “is sown.” Compare 112:4 ftn.
See App 1C §8.
Or, “to the memory of his holiness.”