Psalm 142:1-7

Masʹkil.* Of David, when he happened to be in the cave.+ A prayer. 142  With my voice, to Jehovah I proceeded to call for aid;+With my voice, to Jehovah I began to cry for favor.+   Before him I kept pouring out my concern;+Before him I continued to tell about my own distress,+   When my spirit+ fainted away within me.Then you yourself knew my roadway.+In the path in which I walk+They have hidden a trap for me.+   Look to the right hand and seeThat there is no one giving any recognition to me.+My place for flight has perished from me;+There is no one inquiring for my soul.+   I called to you, O Jehovah, for aid.+I said: “You are my refuge,+My share+ in the land of the living ones.”+   Do pay attention to my entreating cry,+For I have become very much impoverished.+Deliver me from my persecutors,+For they are stronger than I am.+   Do bring my soul out of the very dungeon+To laud your name.+Around me let the righteous ones gather,+Because you deal appropriately with me.+


See 32:Sup ftn.