Psalm 102:1-28

A prayer of the afflicted in case he grows feeble and pours out his concern before Jehovah himself.+ 102  O Jehovah, do hear my prayer;+And to you may my own cry for help come.+   Do not conceal your face from me on the day that I am in sore straits.+Incline to me your ear;+On the day that I call, hurry, answer me.+   For my days have come to an end just like smoke,+And my very bones have been made red-hot just like a fireplace.+   My heart has been struck just like vegetation and is dried up,+For I have forgotten to eat my food.*+   Because of the sound of my sighing+My bones have stuck to my flesh.+   I do resemble the pelican of the wilderness.+I have become like a little owl of desolated places.   I have grown emaciated,*And I am become like a bird isolated upon a roof.+   All day long my enemies have reproached me.+Those making a fool of me have sworn even by me.+   For I have eaten ashes themselves just like bread;+And the things I drink I have mingled even with weeping,+ 10  Because of your denunciation and your indignation;+For you have lifted me up, that you might throw me away.+ 11  My days are like a shadow that has declined,*+And I myself am dried up like mere vegetation.+ 12  As for you, O Jehovah, to time indefinite you will dwell,+And your memorial will be for generation after generation.+ 13  You yourself will arise, you will have mercy on Zion,+For it is the season to be favorable to her,For the appointed time has come.+ 14  For your servants have found pleasure in her stones,+And to her dust they direct their favor.+ 15  And the nations will fear the name of Jehovah,*+And all the kings of the earth your glory.+ 16  For Jehovah* will certainly build up Zion;+He must appear in his glory.+ 17  He will certainly turn to the prayer of those stripped [of everything],+And not despise their prayer.+ 18  This is written for the future generation;+And the people that is to be created will praise Jah.*+ 19  For he has looked down from his holy height,+From the very heavens Jehovah* himself has looked even at the earth,+ 20  To hear the sighing of the prisoner,+To loosen those appointed to death;*+ 21  For the name of Jehovah* to be declared* in Zion+And his praise in Jerusalem,+ 22  When the peoples are collected all together,+And the kingdoms to serve* Jehovah.+ 23  On the way he afflicted my power,+He cut short my days.+ 24  I proceeded to say: “O my God,*Do not take me off at the half of my days;+Your years are throughout all generations.*+ 25  Long ago you laid the foundations of the earth itself,+And the heavens are the work of your hands.+ 26  They themselves will perish, but you yourself will keep standing;*+And just like a garment they will all of them wear out.+Just like clothing you will replace them, and they will finish their turn.+ 27  But you are the same,* and your own years will not be completed.+ 28  The sons of your servants will continue residing;+And before you their own offspring will be firmly established.”+


Lit., “bread.”
Possibly, “I have kept awake,” by another derivation of the Heb. verb.
“My own days have declined just like a shadow,” LXXSyVg and by a slight correction of M.
See App 1C §8.
See App 1C §8.
See 68:4 ftn.
See App 1C §8.
Lit., “the sons of death.”
See App 1C §8.
Lit., “to declare the name of Jehovah.”
Or, “to worship (render sacred service).” Heb., la·ʽavodhʹ.
“O my God.” Heb., ʼE·l.
Lit., “in (throughout) the generation of generations.”
Or, “existing.” Compare Ex 9:16 ftn, “Existence.”
Lit., “you are he.”