Psalm 109:1-31

To the director. Of David. A melody. 109  O God of my praise,+ do not keep silent.+   For the mouth of the wicked one and the mouth of deception have opened against me.+They have spoken about me with the tongue of falsehood;+   And with words of hatred they have surrounded me,+And they keep fighting against me without cause.+   For my love they keep resisting me;+But on my part there is prayer.+   And they render to me bad for good+And hatred for my love.+   Appoint over him someone wicked,And may a resister*+ himself keep standing at his right hand.   When he is judged, let him go forth as someone wicked;And let his very prayer become a sin.+   Let his days prove to be few;+His office of oversight* let someone else take.+   Let his sons become fatherless boys+And his wife be a widow.+ 10  And without fail let his sons go wandering about;+And they must do begging,And they must look for [food] from their desolate places.+ 11  Let the usurer lay out traps for all that he has,+And let strangers+ make plunder of his product of toil.+ 12  May he come to have no one extending loving-kindness,+And may there prove to be no one showing favor to his fatherless boys. 13  Let his posterity be for cutting off.+In the following generation let their name be wiped out.+ 14  Let the error of his forefathers be remembered to Jehovah,+And the sin of his mother+—may it not be wiped out.+ 15  Let them prove to be in front of Jehovah constantly;+And may he cut off the remembrance* of them from the very earth;+ 16  For the reason that he did not remember to exercise loving-kindness,+But he kept pursuing the afflicted and poor man*+And the one dejected at heart, to put [him] to death.+ 17  And he kept loving the malediction,+ so that it came upon him;+And he did not take delight in the blessing,+So that it became far away from him;+ 18  And he came to be clothed with malediction as his garment.+So it came like waters into the midst of him+And like oil into his bones. 19  May it prove to be for him like a garment with which he enwraps himself+And as a girdle that he keeps girded about himself constantly.+ 20  This is the wages from Jehovah of the one resisting me+And of those speaking evil against my soul.+ 21  But you are Jehovah the Sovereign+ Lord.Deal with me for the sake of your name.+Because your loving-kindness is good, deliver+ me. 22  For I am afflicted and poor,+And my heart itself has been pierced* within me.+ 23  Like a shadow when it declines, I am obliged to go away;+I have been shaken off like a locust. 24  My knees themselves have swayed from fasting,+And my very flesh has grown lean, without any oil.+ 25  And to them I myself have become something reproachable.+They see me—they begin wagging their head.+ 26  Help me, O Jehovah my God;+Save me according to your loving-kindness.+ 27  And may they know that this is your hand;+That you yourself, O Jehovah, have done it.+ 28  Let them, for their part, pronounce a malediction,+But may you, for your part, pronounce a blessing.+They have risen up, but let them be ashamed,+And let your own servant rejoice.+ 29  Let those resisting me be clothed with humiliation,+And let them enwrap themselves with their shame just as with a sleeveless coat.+ 30  I shall laud Jehovah very much with my mouth,+And in among many people I shall praise him.+ 31  For he will stand at the right hand of the poor,+To save [him] from those judging his soul.


“And . . . a resister.” Heb., wesa·tanʹ; Gr., di·aʹbo·los; Lat., saʹtan.
“His office of oversight.” Heb., pequd·da·thohʹ; Gr., e·pi·sko·penʹ au·touʹ; Lat., e·pi·sco·paʹtum eʹius. See 2Ki 11:18; Ac 1:20.
Or, “mention.”
“Man.” Heb., ʼish.
Lit., “one has pierced my heart itself.”