Psalm 80:1-19

To the director upon The Lilies.*+ A reminder.* Of Aʹsaph.+ A melody. 80  O Shepherd of Israel, do give ear,+You who are conducting Joseph just like a flock.+O you who are sitting upon the cherubs,+ do beam forth.+   Before Eʹphra·im and Benjamin and Ma·nasʹseh do rouse up your mightiness,+And do come to our salvation.+   O God, bring us back;+And light up your face, that we may be saved.+   O Jehovah God of armies, how long must you fume against the prayer of your people?+   You have made them eat the bread of tears,+And you keep making them drink tears upon tears in [great] measure.*+   You set us for strife to our neighbors,+And our very enemies keep deriding as they please.+   O God of armies,* bring us back;+And light up your face, that we may be saved.+   You proceeded to make a vine depart from Egypt.+You kept driving out the nations, that you might plant it.+   You made a clearing before it,+ that it might take root and fill the land.+ 10  The mountains were covered with its shadow,And the cedars of God with its boughs.+ 11  It gradually sent forth its boughs as far as the sea,+And to the River* its twigs.+ 12  Why have you broken down its stone walls,+And [why] have all those passing by on the road plucked at it?+ 13  A boar out of the woods* keeps eating it away,+And the animal throngs of the open field keep feeding upon it.+ 14  O God of armies,* return,* please;+Look down from heaven and see and take care of this vine,+ 15  And the stock* that your right hand has planted,+And [look] upon the son* whom you have made strong for yourself.+ 16  It is burned with fire, cut off.+From the rebuke of your face they perish.+ 17  Let your hand prove to be upon the man* of your right hand,+Upon the son of mankind* whom you have made strong for yourself,+ 18  And we shall not turn back from you.+May you preserve us alive, that we may call upon your own name.+ 19  O Jehovah God of armies,* bring us back;+Light up your face, that we may be saved.+


See 45:Sup ftn, “Lilies.”
See 60:Sup.
“In [great] measure.” Lit., “third part,” that is, of some undetermined measure. Heb., sha·lishʹ.
“God of armies,” MTSy; Gr., Kyʹri·e ho The·osʹ ton dy·naʹme·on, “Jehovah God of powers,” as in vs 19 (79:20, LXX).
That is, the Euphrates.
In this Heb. noun the letter ʽAʹyin is suspended to mark the middle of the Psalms.
“God of armies.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ tseva·ʼohthʹ.
Or, “once again,” referring to the verbs in the next line.
Or, “branch [of the vine].” By a change of the first Heb. letter, “garden.”
“Son,” M; LXXSyVgc, “son of man”; T, “king Messiah (anointed).”
“Man of.” Heb., ʼish.
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Compare vs 7a.