Psalm 125:1-5

A Song of the Ascents.* 125  Those trusting in Jehovah+Are like Mount Zion,+ which cannot be made to totter, but dwells even to time indefinite.+   Jerusalem—as mountains are all around it,+So Jehovah is all around his people+From now on and to time indefinite.+   For the scepter of wickedness will not keep resting+ upon the lot of the righteous ones,In order that the righteous ones may not thrust out their hand upon any wrongdoing.+   O do good, O Jehovah, to the good ones,+Even to the ones upright in their hearts.+   As for those turning aside to their crooked ways,+Jehovah will make them go away with the practicers of what is hurtful.+There will be peace upon Israel.+


Or, “Stairsteps.” See 120:Sup ftn.