Psalm 57:1-11

To the director. “Do not bring to ruin.” Of David. Mikʹtam.* When he ran away because of Saul, into the cave.+ 57  Show me favor, O God, show me favor,+For in you my soul has taken refuge;+And in the shadow of your wings I take refuge until the adversities pass over.+   I call to God the Most High, to the [true] God* who is bringing [them] to an end on my account.+   He will send from heaven and save me.+He will certainly confuse the one snapping at me.+ Seʹlah.God will send his loving-kindness* and his trueness.*+   My soul is in the middle of lions;+I cannot but lie down among devourers, [even] the sons of men,*Whose teeth are spears and arrows,+And whose tongue is a sharp sword.+   O be exalted above the heavens, O God;+Let your glory be above all the earth.+   A net they have prepared for my steps;+My soul has become bowed down.+They excavated before me a pitfall;They have fallen into the midst of it.+ Seʹlah.   My heart is steadfast, O God,+My heart is steadfast.I will sing and make melody.+   Do awake, O my glory;+Do awake, O stringed instrument; you too, O harp.+I will awaken the dawn.   I shall laud you among the peoples, O Jehovah;*+I shall make melody to you among the national groups.+ 10  For your loving-kindness* is great up to the heavens,+And your trueness* up to the skies.+ 11  Do be exalted above the heavens, O God;+Let your glory be above all the earth.


See 16:Sup ftn.
“To the [true] God.” Heb., la·ʼElʹ. See App 1G.
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “truth.”
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “your truth.” Heb., ʼamit·teʹkha (from ʼemethʹ).