Psalm 127:1-5

A Song of the Ascents. Of Solomon. 127  Unless Jehovah himself builds the house,+It is to no avail that its builders have worked hard on it.+Unless Jehovah himself guards the city,+It is to no avail that the guard has kept awake.+   To no avail it is for YOU men that YOU are rising up early,+That YOU are sitting down late,+That YOU are eating food* with pains.+Just like this he gives sleep even to his beloved one.*+   Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah;+The fruitage of the belly is a reward.+   Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man,*+So are the sons of youth.+   Happy is the able-bodied man* that has filled+ his quiver with them.They will not be ashamed,+For they will speak with enemies in the gate.


Lit., “bread.”
Or, “he gives to his beloved one [in] sleep.”
“Mighty man.” Heb., gib·bohrʹ.
“The able-bodied man.” Heb., hag·geʹver.