Psalm 116:1-19

116  I do love, because Jehovah hears*+My voice, my entreaties.*+   For he has inclined his ear to me,+And throughout my days I shall call.+   The ropes of death encircled me+And the distressing circumstances of Sheʹol themselves found me.+Distress and grief I kept finding.+   But upon the name of Jehovah I proceeded to call:+“Ah, Jehovah, do provide my soul with escape!”+   Jehovah is gracious and righteous;+And our God is One showing mercy.+   Jehovah is guarding the inexperienced ones.+I was impoverished, and he proceeded to save even me.+   Return to your resting-place, O my soul,+For Jehovah himself has acted appropriately toward you.+   For you have rescued my soul from death,+My eye from tears, my foot from stumbling.+   I will walk+ before Jehovah in the lands of those living.+ 10 * I had faith,+ for I proceeded to speak.+I myself was very much afflicted. 11  I, for my part, said, when I became panicky:+“Every man* is a liar.”+ 12  What shall I repay to Jehovah+For all his benefits to me?+ 13  The cup of grand salvation+ I shall take up,And on the name of Jehovah I shall call.+ 14  My vows I shall pay to Jehovah,+Yes, in front of all his people. 15  Precious in the eyes of JehovahIs the death of his loyal ones.+ 16  Ah, now, O Jehovah,+For I am your servant.+I am your servant, the son of your slave girl.+You have loosened my bands.+ 17  To you I shall offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving,+And on the name of Jehovah I shall call.+ 18  My vows I shall pay to Jehovah,+Yes, in front of all his people,+ 19  In the courtyards of the house of Jehovah,+In the midst of you, O Jerusalem.+Praise Jah, YOU people!*+


“My voice, my entreaties,” M; LXXSyVg, “the voice of my supplication (prayer).”
Or, “I have loved that Jehovah should hear.”
LXXVg begin their Ps 115 here with the superscription, “Hallelujah.”
Or, “All mankind.” Heb., kol-ha·ʼa·dhamʹ.
See 104:35 ftns.