Psalm 91:1-16

91  Anyone dwelling in the secret place+ of the Most High+Will procure himself lodging under the very shadow of the Almighty One.+   I will say to Jehovah:* “[You are] my refuge and my stronghold,+My God, in whom I will trust.”+   For he himself will deliver you from the trap of the birdcatcher,+From the pestilence causing adversities.+   With his pinions he will block approach to you,+And under his wings you will take refuge.+His trueness+ will be a large shield+ and bulwark.*   You will not be afraid of anything dreadful by night,+Nor of the arrow+ that flies by day,   Nor of the pestilence that walks in the gloom,+Nor of the destruction that despoils at midday.+   A thousand will fall at your very sideAnd ten thousand at your right hand;To you it will not come near.+   Only with your eyes will you look on+And see the retribution itself of the wicked ones.+   Because you [said]: “Jehovah* is my refuge,”+You have made the Most High himself your dwelling;+ 10  No calamity will befall you,+And not even a plague will draw near to your tent.+ 11  For he will give his own angels a command concerning you,+To guard you in all your ways.+ 12  Upon their hands they will carry you,+That you may not strike your foot against any stone.+ 13  Upon the young lion and the cobra you will tread;+You will trample down the maned young lion and the big snake.+ 14  Because on me he has set his affection,+I shall also provide him with escape.+I shall protect him* because he has come to know my name.+ 15  He will call upon me, and I shall answer him.+I shall be with him in distress.+I shall rescue him and glorify him.+ 16  With length of days I shall satisfy him,+And I shall cause him to see salvation by me.+


“Jehovah,” M(Heb., יהוה)TSyVg; AqTaylor, the Tetragrammaton in ancient Heb. characters within the Gr. text. See App 1C §8.
Or, “mail shirt.”
See App 1C §8.
Lit., “I shall place him on high,” that is, out of reach.