Psalm 122:1-9

A Song of the Ascents. Of David. 122  I rejoiced when they were saying to me:+“To the house of Jehovah+ let us go.”+   Our feet proved to be standing+Within your gates, O Jerusalem.+   Jerusalem is one that is built like a city+That has been joined together in oneness,+   To which the tribes have gone up,+The tribes of Jah,*+As a reminder to Israel+To give thanks to the name of Jehovah.+   For there the thrones* for judgment have been sitting,+Thrones for the house of David.+   Ask, O YOU people, for the peace of Jerusalem.+Those loving you,* [O city,] will be free from care.+   May peace continue within your rampart,+Freedom from care within your dwelling towers.+   For the sake of my brothers and my companions I will now speak:+“May there be peace within you.”+   For the sake of the house of Jehovah our God+I will keep seeking good for you.*+


“Jah.” See 68:4 ftn.
Or, “the grand throne,” if pl. to denote excellence.
“You,” fem. sing., referring to “Jerusalem.”
See vs 6 ftn.