Psalm 47:1-9

To the director. Of the sons of Koʹrah. A melody. 47  All YOU peoples, clap YOUR hands.*+Shout in triumph to God with the sound of a joyful cry.+   For Jehovah, the Most High, is fear-inspiring,+A great King over all the earth.+   He will subdue peoples under us+And national groups under our feet.+   He will choose for us our inheritance,+The pride of Jacob, whom he has loved.+ Seʹlah.   God has ascended with joyful shouting,+Jehovah with the sound of the horn.*+   MAKE melody to God, make melody.+Make melody to our King, make melody.   For God is King of all the earth;+MAKE melody, acting with discretion.*+   God has become king over the nations.+God himself has taken his seat upon his holy throne.+   The nobles of the peoples themselves have gathered together,+[With] the people of the God* of Abraham.+For to God the shields* of the earth belong.+He is very high in his ascent.+


Lit., “palm.”
Or, “shofar.” A ram’s horn used as a trumpet.
“Acting with discretion,” by rendering the Heb. participle in the pl. Heb., mas·kilʹ, sing. See 53:2 ftn, “Insight.”
“The people of the God,” M; LXXSyVg, “with the God.”
“Shields,” MT; LXX, “powerful ones”; Sy, “realms (empires)”; Vg, “strong ones.”