Psalm 24:1-10

Of David. A melody. 24  To Jehovah belong the earth and that which fills it,+The productive land* and those dwelling in it.+   For upon the seas he himself has solidly fixed it,+And upon the rivers* he keeps it firmly established.+   Who may ascend into the mountain of Jehovah,+And who may rise up in his holy place?+   Anyone innocent in his hands and clean in heart,+Who has not carried My* soul* to sheer worthlessness,+Nor taken an oath deceitfully.+   He will carry away blessing from Jehovah+And righteousness from his God of salvation.+   This is the generation of those seeking him,Of those searching for your face, O [God of] Jacob.*+ Seʹlah.   Raise YOUR heads, O YOU gates,+And raise yourselves up, O YOU long-lasting* entrances,+That the glorious King may come in!+   Who, then, is this glorious King?+Jehovah strong and mighty,+Jehovah mighty in battle.*+   Raise YOUR heads, O YOU gates;+Yes, raise [them] up, O YOU long-lasting entrances,That the glorious King may come in!+ 10  Who, then, is he, this glorious King?Jehovah of armies*—he is the glorious King.+ Seʹlah.


“The inhabited earth,” Gr., he oi·kou·meʹne; Lat., orʹbis ter·raʹrum, “circle of the whole earth.”
Or, “the oceans,” which encircle the great landmasses of the globe.
“My,” M; TLXXSyVg and many Heb. mss, “His.”
Or, “My life,” referring to Jehovah’s life by which an individual swears. Compare Ex 20:7 ftns.
“God of Jacob,” LXXSyVg; M, “O Jacob.”
Or, “indefinitely lasting.” Heb., ʽoh·lamʹ.
Or, “war.”
See 1Sa 1:3 ftn, “Armies.”