Psalm 89:1-52

Masʹkil.* Of Eʹthan the Ezʹra·hite.+ 89  Jehovah’s expressions of loving-kindness* I will sing about even to time indefinite.+For generation after generation I shall make your faithfulness known with my mouth.+   For I have said: “Loving-kindness will stay built even to time indefinite;+As for the heavens, you keep your faithfulness firmly established in them.”+   “I have concluded* a covenant toward my chosen one;+I have sworn to David my servant,+   ‘Even to time indefinite I shall firmly establish your seed,*+And I will build your throne+ to generation after generation.’” Seʹlah.   And the heavens will laud your marvelous act, O Jehovah,+Yes, your faithfulness in the congregation* of the holy ones.   For who in the skies can be compared to Jehovah?+Who can resemble Jehovah among the sons of God?*+   God* is to be held in awe among the intimate group of holy ones;+He is grand and fear-inspiring over all who are round about him.+   O Jehovah God of armies,+Who is vigorous like you, O Jah?*+And your faithfulness is all around you.+   You are ruling over the swelling of the sea;+When it raises up its waves you yourself calm them.+ 10  You yourself have crushed Raʹhab,*+ even as someone slain.+By the arm of your strength you have scattered your enemies.+ 11  Heaven is yours,+ the earth also is yours;+The productive land* and what fills it+—you yourself have founded them.+ 12  The north and the south*—you yourself created them;+Taʹbor+ and Herʹmon+—in your name they cry out joyfully.+ 13  An arm with mightiness is yours,+Your hand is strong,+Your right hand is exalted.+ 14  Righteousness and judgment are the established place of your throne;+Loving-kindness and trueness* themselves come in before your face.+ 15  Happy are the people knowing the joyful shouting.+O Jehovah, in the light of your face they keep walking.+ 16  In your name they are joyful all day long+And in your righteousness they are exalted.+ 17  For you are the beauty of their strength;+And by your goodwill our horn is exalted.+ 18  For our shield belongs to Jehovah,+And our king belongs to the Holy One of Israel.+ 19  At that time you spoke in a vision to your loyal ones,+And you proceeded to say:“I have placed help upon a mighty one;+I have exalted a chosen one from among the people.+ 20  I have found David my servant;+With my holy oil I have anointed him,+ 21  With whom my own hand will be firm,+Whom my own arm also will strengthen.+ 22  No enemy will make exactions upon him,+Neither will any son of unrighteousness afflict him.+ 23  And from before him I crushed his adversaries to pieces,+And to those intensely hating him I kept dealing out blows.+ 24  And my faithfulness and my loving-kindness are with him,+And in my name his horn is exalted.+ 25  And on the sea I have put his hand+And on the rivers his right hand.+ 26  He himself calls out to me, ‘You are my Father,+My God+ and the Rock of my salvation.’+ 27  Also, I myself shall place him as firstborn,+The most high of the kings of the earth.+ 28  To time indefinite I shall preserve my loving-kindness toward him,+And my covenant will be faithful* to him.+ 29  And I shall certainly set up his seed forever+And his throne as the days of heaven.+ 30  If his sons leave my law+And in my judicial decisions they do not walk,+ 31  If they profane my own statutesAnd they do not keep my own commandments, 32  I must also turn my attention to their transgression even with a rod+And to their error even with strokes.+ 33  But my loving-kindness* I shall not break off from him,+Nor shall I prove false with regard to my faithfulness.+ 34  I shall not profane my covenant,+And the expression out of my lips I shall not change.+ 35  Once I have sworn in my holiness,+To David I will not tell lies.+ 36  His seed itself will prove to be even to time indefinite,+And his throne as the sun in front of me.+ 37  As the moon it will be firmly established for time indefinite,And [as] a faithful witness in the skies.” Seʹlah. 38  But you—you have cast off and you keep contemning;+You have become furious toward your anointed one.*+ 39  You have spurned the covenant of your servant;You have profaned his diadem to the very earth.+ 40  You have broken down all his stone pens;+You have laid his fortifications in ruin.+ 41  All those passing along the way have pillaged him;+He has become a reproach to his neighbors.+ 42  You have exalted the right hand of his adversaries;+You have caused all his enemies to rejoice.+ 43  What is more, you again treat his sword as a foe,+And you have caused him not to gain ground in the battle.+ 44  You have made [him] cease from his luster,+And his throne you have hurled to the very earth.+ 45  You have shortened the days of his youth;You have enwrapped him with shame.+ Seʹlah. 46  How long, O Jehovah, will you keep yourself concealed? For all time?+Will your rage keep on burning just like a fire?+ 47  Remember of what duration of life I am.+Is it all in vain that you have created all the sons of men?*+ 48  What able-bodied man is there alive who will not see death?+Can he provide escape for his soul from the hand of Sheʹol?+ Seʹlah. 49  Where are your former acts of loving-kindness, O Jehovah,*About which you swore to David in your faithfulness?+ 50  Remember, O Jehovah,* the reproach upon your servants,+My carrying in my bosom [the reproach of] all the many peoples,+ 51  How your enemies have reproached, O Jehovah,*+How they have reproached the footprints of your anointed one.+ 52  Blessed be Jehovah* to time indefinite. Amen and Amen.+


See 32:Sup ftn.
Or, “loyal love.”
Lit., “cut.”
Or, “offspring.”
“In the congregation of.” Heb., biq·halʹ; Gr., ek·kle·siʹai; Lat., ec·cleʹsi·a.
“God.” Heb., ʼE·limʹ, pl. of ʼEl, to denote majesty or excellence; Gr., The·ouʹ; Lat., Deʹi; TSy, “angels.” Compare Job 1:6 ftns, “Sons” and “God”; Job 38:7 ftn.
Or, “The Divine One.” Heb., ʼEl.
See 68:4 ftn.
Or, “the Stormer.” T, “the arrogant one, that is, impious Pharaoh”; LXXVg, “the arrogant (haughty) one.”
“The productive land.” Heb., te·velʹ; LXX, “the inhabited earth”; Lat., orʹbem terʹrae, “the circle of the earth.”
“South.” Lit., “right [side],” as one faces east.
Or, “and truthfulness (truth).” Heb., we·ʼemethʹ.
Or, “lasting.”
Or, “loyal love.”
“Your anointed one.” Heb., meshi·cheʹkha; T(Aram.)Syr., dam·shi·chakh; Gr., khri·stonʹ; Lat., chriʹstum.
Lit., “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B, 1C §10.
See 90:1 ftn.
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.