Psalm 6:1-10

To the director on stringed instruments on the lower octave.*+ A melody of David. 6  O Jehovah, do not in your anger reprove me,+And do not in your rage correct me.+   Show me favor, O Jehovah, for I am fading away.+Heal me,+ O Jehovah, for my bones have been disturbed.   Yes, my own soul has been very much disturbed;+And you, O Jehovah—how long?+   Do return,+ O Jehovah, do rescue my soul;+Save me for the sake of your loving-kindness.*+   For in death there is no mention* of you;+In Sheʹol* who will laud you?+   I have grown weary with my sighing;+All night long I make my couch swim;+With my tears I make my own divan overflow.+   From vexation my eye has become weak,+It has grown old because of all those showing hostility to me.+   Get away from me, all YOU practicers of what is hurtful,+For Jehovah will certainly hear the sound of my weeping.+   Jehovah will indeed hear my request for favor;+Jehovah himself will accept my own prayer.+ 10  All my enemies will be very much ashamed+ and disturbed;They will turn back, they will be ashamed instantly.+


“The lower octave.” Heb., hash·shemi·nithʹ. This is the fem. form of the word for “eighth,” and its exact reference here is uncertain, whether to an eighth key, to an octave, to an instrument of eight strings or to the eighth day (the day of circumcision).
Or, “loyal love.”
“Sheol,” MSy; Gr., haiʹdei; Lat., in·ferʹno. See App 4B.
Or, “remembrance.”